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Frequently Asked Questions

What is archival description?
The process of analyzing, organizing, and recording details about the formal elements of a record or collection of records including: creator, title, dates, extent, and contents, to facilitate the work's identification, management, and understanding.

What is a fonds?
The term fonds, originating in French archival practice, can be defined as a body of records that was made and received by an individual, family, or organization, public or private, in the conduct of their everyday affairs. These records were accumulated over time and kept for their enduring value as a future reference resource and/or as evidence of the functions and responsibilities of their creator. In this case, the activities of Bayview Glen and its associates and students.

How are records organized?
Each aggregation of records has, at minimum, a fonds-level description. Within each fonds, the records are further arranged into series, which most commonly reflects organizational or authority divisions within the school as well as key collections. These series, (or sub-series) may contain files of records, which generally reflects events, activities, or record forms. The Archives follows the Rules for Archival Description's (RAD) descriptive hierarchy, which can be seen and explored in the section at the top of each description’s entry. The hierarchical finding aids follow four principles outlined in the ISAD(G) descriptive standard:

  1. Described from the general to the specific.
  2. Include information relevant only to that level of description.
  3. Make explicit the position of the unit of description in the fonds’ hierarchy.
  4. Give information at the highest level that is common to the component parts and do not repeat information at lower levels of description.

Why isn't everything digitized?
This blog post from the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives have summed it up quite nicely.

How do I request items?
Items can be requested in person or via email by filling out the Records Request Form, which asks researchers to provide the Archivist with the Reference Code number associated with each record of interest.

I do not see a digital object attached to the record, are digital items available?
We are continuously digitizing and adding digital objects to our records, however, you will need to visit the archives in person if you wish to view the original records at this time.

Are there any rules on accessing records?
Not all records are immediately available for research use. Some records contain private information and various donor restrictions. All records that have not previously been made public must be screened in accordance with our Privacy Policy before they are ready for research use. Researchers are advised to contact the Archives substantially in advance of a proposed research visit to ensure that the records will be available for them when they arrive.

Have another question not listed here?
Please contact the Archives at archive@bayviewglen.ca for any other inquiries.