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Navigating The Repository

To start either select "Archival descriptions" and click the appropriate collection, or use the search box above to do a search.

Search Bar:

The search bar is located on the top left of the header bar on all pages. Text entered returns results for archival descriptions, however, other record-type results can be discovered via the type-ahead results presented in the search box (results that appear in the drop-down). If you see the record you are looking for in the drop-down, click it, otherwise continue typing your query and push 'enter' to see the results.

To see more advanced search strategies, please click here.

Precision Search:

You may conduct a precision search by selecting a dedicated search term such as "Archival Description" to research various aggregations of records within each collection, "Authority Records" to examine actors (corporate bodies, persons, or families, who interact with archival materials, typically as creators), "Subjects" or "Place" headings to search by term, or location.

What's Online?

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